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Custom Packing & Crating

Serving Dallas Fort Worth and Greater Houston Area

More Than 100 Years of Expertise

Tejas Packing and Crating

Starting a big moving project? Need professional packing services? Tejas Packing and Crating is the company you need to get the wheels rolling. With over 50 years of experience, our company has provided Houston packing and crating services to both business owners and residents like. Our team of professional packers can ease the stress of moving your fragile family heirlooms, or just as adeptly provide the prompt and professional services your industry requires.

man in blue shirt and khaki's wheeling out boxes on a dolly into a home

On-Site, On Time, Anytime

Whether it’s the home or the office, Tejas Packing and Crating moves what you need, where you need, and when you need. We specialize in Houston packing and crating services that you can count on to exceed your expectations. As a locally owned and operated enterprise, our priority is our customers’ satisfaction. That’s why we work with you from the moment you submit an order to the completion of your project.

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Services We Offer

In the packaging and crating industry, Tejas Packing and Crating is known for the following:

Off-Site? We Do That, Too!

While Tejas Packing and Crating specializes in providing on-site packaging solutions, we also maintain a complete box shop at our facility where we can also receive and package your goods. We also offer temporary storage, both indoors and outdoors, for your convenience. Let the professionals take a load off your shoulders and get your cargo where it needs to go.

For more information on our services and to arrange a free estimate, contact us at 866-688-3527 if you are in the Dallas area or at 281-255-0211 if you are in the Houston area.

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