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Protection, Safety, Tejas

With over 100 years of hands on, field experience we can find and implement the proper solution for protecting your goods and cargo.   These solutions can be as simple as palletizing or as complex as vapor barrier bagging with VCI materials.  Our quick response time and flexible schedule can allow for expedited completion of your project.  Tejas can meet your packaging and crating needs, your timeline and your shipping target date.

Custom Crating Services

Our Services

If you are interested in our services, see the section below:

  • Residential: Need to make a move across town or across country? We can help you pack up all your valuables, guaranteeing they will be perfectly preserved during shipment.
  • Commercial: Have a large amount of products you need to crate? From medical equipment to electronics, our team of Professionals know how to handle it all.

Contact us today at 866-688-3527.

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