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About Tejas Packing & Crating

Tejas Packing and Crating, LLC is a locally owned and operated, full service packaging and crating company. We provide traditional third party services of all kinds to the relocation industry. In addition, we have a commercial services department serving the needs of our industrial customers.

hispanic woman in blue shirt smiling and talking on the phone in front of her computer

Why Choose Us

  • 50+ Years of Experience
  • Fully Insured
  • We Work with You Through Every Step of Your Project
  • We Work to Establish Timelines
  • Long- and Short-Term Storage
  • Utilize Shockwatch Monitoring Technology in All Shipping

Our Management Team

Our Management team has over 50 years experience providing viable, real time solutions to a variety of businesses and industries. Our Customer Service team will work with your staff to plot solutions across a wide array of project areas. Once an order is submitted, our team will track the order from start to finish and provide updates during the entire process. Not sure exactly what you need? Ask one of our team members to meet and discuss your project in detail. From this meeting, we will offer packaging options and lay out a timeline to successfully complete the project.

While our specialty is providing packaging solutions on-site at your facility; we also have a complete box shop at our facility and can receive and package your goods there as well. Temporary storage, both indoor and outdoor, can be arranged with just a phone call to Tejas Packing and Crating, LLC.

hispanic woman in blue shirt smiling and talking on the phone in front of her computer

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